Electrical Submersible Pumps

Mar 10

are pumps powered by electricity. They are submerged in fluids having the primary purpose of pushing fluid or liquid matter.
How Electrical Submersible Pumps Work
An electrical submersible pump or otherwise known as ESP uses a hermetically sealed motor. This means that the motor and pump are encased in an airtight container. Air or water does not pass in or out of the container. This is necessary because the whole assembly is placed underwater. Any leak, small as it may be, can cause the electrical components to have a short circuit causing the destruction of the pump and motor.
The condition of being air tightly sealed prevents the formation of air bubbles. Bubbles in a liquid disturb the pressure balance, thus when a bubble collapses or bursts it produces a shock wave causing a displacement of pressure within the pump. This will then create an irregularity that causes a malfunction in the pump.
Electrical submersible high pressure pumps produce an even and regular pump action. It is therefore more stable. It can also be said that the absence of air bubbles prolongs the usage life of the pump. The hermetically sealed motor is completely immersed in liquid and is normally placed in the lowest level of a tank, pond or pit. Determining the exact location is of great importance since the electrical submersible pump can better do its job of pushing the water when it is placed in the lowest part of the liquid tank or pit.
Advantages Of Electrical Submersible Pumps
Electrical submersible pumps perform more efficiently at pushing water up to the surface as opposed to external pumps like jet pumps that pull water upwards to the surface. The force exerted in pushing the liquid is lower than the force needed to haul or pull the water to the surface. Thus electrical submersible pumps are able to push the liquid with less opposing force that can cause wreckage or damage to the pump. Maintenance costs are thus kept to the minimum and longevity of use is further extended.
Aside from dependability and efficiency in performance, the electrical submersible pumps are made to be durable to last for long periods of use without repairs and part replacements. The reason for making these pumps highly durable is because the pump is submerged in fluid, making repairs and replacements difficult to do and labor intensive. Manufacturing companies thus spend a lot of money on research and design to ensure the continued development at strengthening parts and the capacity of these pumps. In addition, the harsh environment and varying degrees of pressure to which these electrical submersible pumps are subjected to necessitates such research.
Aside from the stability of pressure, strength of parts, capacity of pump and motor, another reason why companies prefer electrical submersible pumps is the fact that it runs on electricity. Electricity is in relatively constant supply. Furthermore, the power or charge rarely fluctuates hence the pump can run smoothly and powerfully. Admittedly there are alternative sources of energy available compatible to pumps, such as the solar submersible pumps, but they sometimes do not deliver the stability, reliability and power as electrical pumps do. It is for all these reasons that the electrical submersible pumps are preferred for use in big construction, agricultural and industrial projects.

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